Action Plans

In each UTeach Blended Learning course, participants create an Action Plan for incorporating blended learning into their classroom, campus, or district.  Participants are provided a template in which they share their goals for fostering a blended learning environment, action steps, resources, timeline, progress monitoring, evaluation methods, and implications for professional development. 

Take a look at these Action Plans from educators who completed a UTeach Blended Learning course.

Lynn Greco, fourth-grade teacher, Amarillo ISD

Lynn Greco, a fourth-grade self-contained teacher from Amarillo ISD, has emerged as a master designer and avid facilitator after completing both the UTeach Foundations of Blended Learning course and the UTeach Advanced Blended Learning course.

In this action plan, Lynn outlines specific steps that she will take as she develops personalized pathways for students using Canvas MasteryPaths and celebrates individual and collective goal achievement with both students and their parents and caregivers. Lynn recognizes that parents are important stakeholders in a blended setting and will integrate Class Dojo with consistency and enthusiasm to promote student ownership and involve parents as support elements and cheerleaders as well.