Blended Learning: Where Do I Start?

Blended Learning: Where Do I Start?

02-05-2018 To 03-04-2018

Course Description

Blended learning combines technology-driven learning activities with teacher-led instruction to maximize a personalized learning experience. Blended learning involves rethinking class structure, use of time, and allocation of resources. The goal of blended learning is to increase student learning and achievement by fostering a personalized, highly productive environment full of engaged learners.

Learning objectives

  • Carry out research to determine current educational practices that incorporate blended learning in the classroom.
  • Review active learning and assessment strategies indicative of a blended learning environment.
  • Become familiar with different technologies and tools that are available to support blended learning.
  • Create an action plan of next steps for establishing a blended learning environment.

Professional development credit:

4 hours

Course length:

4 weeks

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