Engaging Students with Mobile Technology

Engaging Students with Mobile Technology

03-05-2018 To 04-08-2018

Course Overview:

Mobile devices are being used in schools across the country more each year. One-to-one technology initiatives have also gained popularity with many school districts. Teachers must be thoughtful planners of how to effectively incorporate this technology into their classrooms. They should be mindful of not allowing mobile technology to simply become a shiny textbook where students do nothing but consume information. Teachers who are integrating mobile technology in a sophisticated way are having students become creators instead of consumers-using technology to achieve a learning outcome that would be difficult, or even impossible, to do without the technology.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Review current literature to examine educational practices using mobile devices in the classroom.
  • Critique sample learning activities using mobile technology.
  • Develop an inquiry-based lesson plan that integrates mobile technology.
  • Construct a plan for determining the effectiveness of integrating mobile technology into the classroom.

Professional Development Credit Hours:

8 Hours

Course Length:

4 Weeks

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