Formative Assessment: A Key to Student Success

Formative Assessment: A Key to Student Success

04-09-2018 To 05-06-2018

Course Overview:

In today’s diverse classrooms, formative assessment is a critical tool to help teachers increase the success of all of their students. This course is designed for educators who are interested in learning more about formative assessment and strategies to improve classroom teaching through the gathering of data associated with student understanding.

By the end of this course you’ll be equipped to implement a variety of formative assessment techniques, which will guide your lesson implementation. The course emphasizes how to use technology to collect formative assessment data. The readings provide teachers with the rationale that supports the use of formative assessment and give narrative examples of ways to implement it in the classroom. Finally, participants will be asked to reflect on how they visualize the use of assessment in their own practice.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review current literature about formative assessment.
  • Explore effective questioning strategies.
  • Review strategies for instant assessment of students with and without technology.
  • Create materials for formative assessments to use in the classroom.
  • Learn how to determine appropriate teaching strategies based on the data from formative assessments.

Professional Development Credit Hours:

10 Hours

Course Length:

4 Weeks

Registration Fee:


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