Foundations of Inquiry Teaching and Learning

Foundations of Inquiry Teaching and Learning

11-06-2017 To 12-10-2017

Course Overview:

Inquiry-based learning is the hallmark of the UTeach program’s model for preparing pre-service teachers and a key element of the UTeach professional development framework for practicing teachers. Foundations of Inquiry Teaching and Learning is designed for educators who may not be familiar with or who need a refresher on inquiry-based learning and the 5E Instructional Model developed by the Biological Sciences Curriculum Study. Course topics will be presented through readings, videos, and 5E lesson plan examples.

Learning Objectives:
  • Explore current research about the relevance of inquiry-based instruction. 
  • Develop or deepen understanding of the 5E lesson cycle model.
  • Collaborate with peers to gain insight into inquiry-based teaching practices.
Professional Development Credit Hours:
4 Hours
Course Length:
4 Weeks
Registration Fee:

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