UTeach Inquiry-Based Learning Series

30+ CPE creditsEarn your UTeach Inquiry-Based Teaching and Learning designation. All courses are online, asynchronous, and led by UTeach Professional Development facilitators. 

You’ll review inquiry-based instructional strategies and learn content-specific practices that recognize the diverse perspectives students bring to the learning experience. 

Personalize your learning program.
  • Inquiry-Based Learning Series: After you take IL 101, pick a combination of courses that equals 26 hours or more.
  • Single Courses: If you don't want to complete the whole Inquiry-Based Series, choose any individual course to take. 

UTeach alumni are exempt from taking the Foundations course. UTeach alumni and UTeach STEM Educators Association (USEA) members are also eligible for reduced registration fees. Contact pdinfo@uteach.utexas.edu for information.

IL 101 Foundations of Inquiry Teaching and Learning (4 hours) 

This course shares the inquiry-based learning philosophy that is the hallmark of UTeach’s model for preparing pre-service teachers and a key element of the UTeach professional development model for practicing teachers. The course is designed for educators who may not be familiar with or who need a refresher on inquiry-based learning and the 5E Instructional Model. You will identify levels of inquiry-based learning, describe each E in the 5E learning cycle, critique 5E lesson plans, and create an action plan for implementing inquiry-based learning strategies.

Learning Objectives

  • Draw on prior knowledge of inquiry-based teaching and learning strategies to construct new understanding by exploring and studying current research on the relevance of inquiry-based instruction.
  • Develop or deepen understanding of the 5E Lesson Cycle to enhance inquiry-based instruction.
  • Collaborate with peers to gain insight into inquiry-based teaching practices.

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IL 107 Mentoring Math and Science Teachers (8 hours) 

This course is designed for educators who mentor their colleagues. You’ll discuss what makes mentoring successful and review ways to provide effective, productive feedback for mentees. You will use what you’ve learned to design a mentoring program that meets the needs of new teachers and follows the guidelines established by your school or district. 

Learning Objectives

  • Explore the process of mentoring with an emphasis on math and science instruction.
  • Review ways technology can provide feedback mechanisms for mentees and mentors.
  • Design a mentoring plan for your campus or department.
  • Create materials to use for training mentor teachers.

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IL 108 Teaching Algebra Through Inquiry (8 hours) 

In this course, you’ll fully develop a working definition of inquiry-based learning for your classroom. This course will help you determine the level of guidance students need to participate in inquiry-based algebra activities, as well as the nature of activities that will increase student learning. You’ll review sample inquiry-based algebra lessons and share observations regarding the vital features of these learning activities. You will also create, review, and revise inquiry-based algebra lessons to use in your classroom. 

Learning Objectives

  • Review research associated with inquiry-based learning.
  • Review sample inquiry-based algebra lessons and share observations.
  • Develop a definition of inquiry-based learning for your own mathematics classroom.
  • Create, review, and revise inquiry-based algebra lessons.

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IL 110 Makerspace in the Classroom (12 hours) 

This course is designed for teachers interested in learning more about Makerspaces and implementing Maker ideas and practices into their own classrooms. You will research and articulate findings relevant to the Maker movement. You’ll also connect to larger Maker communities, collaborate on and design Maker activities and projects for students, learn how to advocate for schoolwide Makerspace connections, and develop an action plan for implementing Makerspaces in your school. 

Learning Objectives

  • Research and articulate findings relevant to the Maker Movement.
  • Connect to larger Maker communities.
  • Collaborate and design Maker activities and projects for students.
  • Advocate for schoolwide Makerspace connections.
  • Develop a Makerspace Action Plan.
  • Participate in collaborative discussions with colleagues regarding the elements of creating and maintaining a Makerspace.

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IL 111 Supporting English Language Learners (20 hours) 

You’ll receive an introduction to working with English language learners (ELLs) in your classroom. The course will lead you through a series of learning activities that provide resources and classroom strategies for welcoming ELLs and their families. Topics include creating productive learning environments, understanding language-acquisition concepts, providing comprehensible input, using language in classrooms, and supporting students as they assess their own progress. 

Learning Objectives

  • Participate in an ELL experience and come to know more about ELLs and their families.
  • Explore fundamental language concepts and the process of language acquisition as a way to analyze your own use of language in the classroom and support students’ language development in English.
  • Develop a working knowledge of the factors that affect ELLs’ learning of academic content, language, and culture.
  • Survey teaching methods that support ELLs students and use this knowledge to plan effective, developmentally appropriate instruction that provides opportunities for formative assessment of content and language goals and consider ways to use findings to make instructional decisions.
  • Use an ELL lesson plan supplement and adapt an existing lesson to better meet the needs of ELLs.
  • Establish a support network with other educators interested in supporting ELLs.
  • Engage in resource sharing and collaborative problem solving.

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