Learning Through Inquiry in a Flipped Classroom

Learning Through Inquiry in a Flipped Classroom

04-09-2018 To 05-20-2018

Course Overview:

The flipped classroom is a much-publicized model. But flipping "bad" instruction won't lead to good instruction. This course introduces a flipped classroom model that combines key elements of inquiry-based learning and sound student engagement strategies to enhance the learning experience both in and out of the classroom.

Learning Objectives:

  • Draw on prior knowledge of flipped learning strategies to construct new understanding through interaction with current research literature involving the relevance of inquiry-based instruction.

  • Develop unique flipped learning strategies using inquiry-based learning.

  • Utilize the 5E lesson cycle model to create inquiry-based flipped lesson plans.

  • Practice creating interactive instructional videos, being mindful of incorporating inquiry-based questioning strategies throughout.

  • Create assessments for flipped classroom learning objectives that provide timely and thoughtful feedback to students.

  • Participate in collaborative discussions with colleagues, including plans for measuring the effectiveness of their flipped classroom practices.

  • Share ideas for communicating flipped classroom intentions and expectations with administrators, colleagues, parents, and students. 

Professional Development Credit Hours:

20 Hours

Course Length:

6 Weeks

Registration Fee:


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