Lesson Plans

In the Foundations of Blended Learning Course, participants create blended learning lesson plans for their classroom use, aligned to the standards.  

Station Rotation Lesson Plans

In this assignment from Module 1, Blended Learning: Where Do I Start? educators learn about various models of blended learning, and the station rotation model is a popular and effective model.

The Rotation model of blended learning involves students rotating through different stations, with one station relying on online instructional aids. Other stations might include activities such as teacher-led small group instruction, group projects, individual/peer tutoring, hands-on activities, and/or pencil-and-paper assignments.

Blended 5E Lesson Plans

In this assignment from Module 3, Tools and Strategies for Managing a Blended Learning Environment, educators create a lesson plan that employs technology to enhance the learning environment. The lesson plans demonstrate how students use technology and tools to explore content, connect with others, and engage in complex problem-solving tasks. The 5E learning cycle is embedded in the lessons.