Makerspace in the Classroom

Makerspace in the Classroom

10-23-2017 To 12-03-2017

Course Overview:

The Maker Movement has emerged over the last ten years. Research states that as the Maker Movement grows and reaches out to educators, the tools, resources, and habits of mind that characterize the movement are making their way into more and more classrooms. This course is designed for teachers who are interested in learning more about Makerspaces and implementing these ideas and practices into their own classrooms.

Learning Objectives:

  • Research and articulate findings relevant to the Maker Movement.
  • Connect to larger Maker Communities
  • Collaborate and design Maker activities and projects for students
  • Advocate for school-wide Makerspace connections
  • Develop a Makerspace Action Plan
  • Participate in collaborative discussions with colleagues regarding the elements of creating and maintaining a Makerspace

Professional Development Credit:

18 hours

Course Length:

6 Weeks

Registration Fee:


Fall 2017 Sessions:

September 11 - October 22

October 23 - December 3

Spring 2018 Sessions:

January 8 - February 18

February 19 - April 8

April 9 - May 20

Summer 2018 Sessions:

June 4 - July 15

July 16 - August 26

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