Mentoring Math and Science Teachers

Mentoring Math and Science Teachers

11-06-2017 To 12-10-2017

Course Overview:

Mentoring programs provide a way to bring on new staff and support them during their beginning years, but mentoring programs are also important for the professional growth of established teachers. A strong mentoring program is the hallmark of a successful school. This course is designed for educators to mentor their colleagues and design successful mentoring programs for their school.

By the end of this course, through video examples, directed readings, practical applications, and personal reflections, you’ll be equipped to design and implement a mentoring program which provides for the empowerment of both the new teachers and the mentor teachers.The course also introduces methods for using technology to assist in the mentoring process. Narrative readings provide participants with examples of ways to implement mentoring and ways to monitor the success of the process.

 Learning Objectives:

  • Explore the process of mentoring with an emphasis on math and science instruction.
  • Review ways technology can provide feedback mechanisms for mentees and mentors.
  • Design a mentoring plan for their campus or department.
  • Create materials to use for training mentor teachers.

Professional Development Credit:

8 hours

Course Length:

4 weeks

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