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Biology EOC Differentiated Review Program (Online Course)

The Biology EOC Differentiated Review Program is a series of 72 station activities for twelve 60-minute class periods. The stations review the TEKS in each of the reporting categories assessed on the Texas biology end-of-course assessment.

Station Activities

  • Hands-On Learning Activities. Many of these use tools such as flashcards, graphic organizers, and illustrations.
  • Technology-Enhanced Activities. Virtual labs, simulations, videos, animations, and interactive quizzes are some examples.
  • Review Questions. Answer keys and answer documents are provided.


  • Checklist of the work products associated with each station.
  • Options for whole-group activities for each day.
  • Editable documents, so handouts can be modified to meet the specific needs of your classroom and students.


The Biology EOC review program is a series of online modules to help you become familiar with the materials and understand the instructional design. You will review the importance of pre/post testing, implementation of individual learning plans, and differentiation of the review material, and strategies for tracking progress. Upon completion of the learning modules, you will have access to the resource files correlated to each of the Biology TEKS.

Registration Fee

$150 per participant payable by credit/debit cards, purchase orders, and checks.

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