UTeach Project-Based Instruction Series

Earn your UTeach Project-Based Instruction (PBI) designation. All courses are online, asynchronous, and led by UTeach Professional Development facilitators.

Project-based instruction is an instructional strategy that helps engage students, make content relevant, and provide active learning experiences. The course series is designed for educators who are interested in providing authentic and challenging experiences for their students.

The PBI series draws on recent publications, web-based resources, and video examples that focus on a various topics related to PBI. Each stage of the course contains application tasks that will help you use key concepts and practical strategies.

PBI 101 Exploring Project-Based Instruction (20 hours)

This course provides opportunities for participants to engage in a mini PBI project, learn about the instructional philosophy behind PBI, develop tools for writing and teaching PBI lessons, and engage in online discussions about PBI with colleagues. By the end of the course, participants will have planned a PBI unit for their own classroom and received feedback on their work. 

Learning Objectives

  • Participate in an introductory activity featuring collaboration and contrast it with a full PBL experience.
  • Gain insight about the philosophy and research behind PBI.
  • Explore teacher resources from PBLWorks and investigate tools for designing PBI lessons.
  • Select, review, and suggest adaptations for current PBL lessons.
  • Establish a network of colleagues to share your PBI journey.

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PBI 102 Designing Project-Based Instruction 

Coming in Fall 2019.

PBI 103 Implementing Project-Based Instruction 

Coming in Fall 2019.