Blended Learning Reflections

In the Foundations of Blended Learning Capstone, participants write a reflection paper to answer the driving question, "How do I best combine the technology-enhanced tools, differentiation strategies, and management tools to transform my classroom into a blended learning environment? " 

Throughout the reflection paper, participants elaborate on the following topics:  

  • Share what you are specifically trying to accomplish in your blended learning classroom.  
  • Discuss changes you have made or plan to make to foster a blended learning environment.  
  • Communicate how these changes will enhance student learning and describe what evidence you will use to determine improvement.  

Read reflections by teachers, principals, digital coaches, and other leaders. Novice teachers and experienced teachers, teachers adept with technology and teachers hesitant with technology, and teachers who thought they were doing blended learning until they took Foundations of Blended Learning and realized they had more to learn—all share their authentic reflections.