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Resources for Remote Learning

Although remote learning is different from blended learning, many of the resources used for blended learning may also be applied to remote and concurrent instruction. The resources include instructional videos, interactive lessons, personalized learning plans, online discussions, and online assessments.  

Work Products from Blended Learning Courses

Blended Learning Reflections

In the Foundations of Blended Learning Capstone, participants write a reflection paper to answer the driving question, "How do I best combine the technology-enhanced tools, differentiation strategies, and management tools to transform my classroom into a blended learning environment? " 

5E Differentiated Blended Lesson Plans 

In this assignment, Develop a 5E Differentiated Blended Lesson Plan, from Module 3, Tools for Managing a Blended Learning Environment, educators synthesize what they have learned to create a lesson plan that differentiates content, process, or product. The lesson plan should make accommodations according to student readiness, interest, and learning profile, and include elements of differentiation throughout each stage of the 5E learning cycle. Assessment should be embedded throughout each phase of the lesson. 

Blended Learning Classroom Management Plans  

In this assignment, educators develop a 21st-century classroom management plan based on information found in their research.


Each participant in Advanced Blended Learning conducts a 5- to 10-minute showcase presentation to instructors and peers via Zoom. We edited some of the educator presentations to share.  

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