Teaching Algebra Through Inquiry

Teaching Algebra Through Inquiry

10-09-2017 To 11-05-2017

Course Overview:

There are numerous reports about the impact of inquiry-based instruction on student learning and retention. The level of guidance during such instruction is also a subject for debate. What is consistently agreed upon is the need for students to be active problem solvers in an effective mathematics classroom. While the participants in this course will fully develop a working definition of inquiry-based learning in their own classroom, we can initially define inquiry-based learning in math as a teaching and learning method in which students are creatively engaged in doing mathematics, making conjectures, and communicating results. This course is designed for educators who are interested in learning more about creating and implementing engaging inquiry-based lessons for their students to explore concepts in algebra. Emphasis is placed on having students reason through concepts to develop their own understanding of the patterns and relationships in algebraic processes.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review research associated with inquiry-based learning.
  • Review sample inquiry-based algebra lessons and share observations.
  • Develop a definition of inquiry-based learning for your own math classroom.
  • Create, review, and revise inquiry-based algebra lessons.

Professional Development Credit Hours:

10 Hours

Course Length:

4 Weeks

Registration Fee:


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