Tools for Managing Classrooms in the Digital Age

Tools for Managing Classrooms in the Digital Age

04-09-2018 To 05-06-2018

Course Overview:

Students in today's classrooms are collaborators, creative thinkers, information consumers and producers, technologists, problem solvers, and self-directed learners. Teachers are redefining classroom management strategies to maximize the development of these skills and minimize disruptions to teaching and learning.     

Learning Objectives:

  • Research attributes of a classroom in the digital age and discover innovative classroom management tools.  
  • Design a classroom management plan applicable to their unique teaching setting.
  • Create a technology-based lesson plan to implement in their own classrooms.
  • Interact in discussions with other teachers to share thoughts and strategies for enhancing today's classrooms.

Professional Development Credit Hours:

12 Hours

Course Length:

4 Weeks

Registration Fee:


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