Transforming Classrooms for the Digital Age

Transforming Classrooms for the Digital Age

10-23-2017 To 12-03-2017

Course Description

Today's students are “digital natives” and only know a world in which they constantly have access to unlimited information and the ability to connect with others effortlessly, usually with a mobile phone, tablet or laptop computer.

How does the practicing teacher use these technologies to enhance student engagement, allow for richer explorations and activities, foster collaboration both in and out of the classroom, and capture formative and summative assessment? How can we ensure that the technologies bring value to our teaching and that the students are using technology safely and appropriately? Where does the use of these technologies fit into a teacher's curriculum?

This course is designed to help practicing teachers answer these important questions. Through the use of lesson analysis and redesign, in-depth readings, video and audio media, personal reflections, and the creation of a digital "basecamp," participants will focus on the technologies that are most relevant to their settings to maximize teacher effectiveness and student achievement.

 Learning objectives

  • Compare and contrast a lesson taught with technology and without.
  • Create documents to be used for student collaboration and assessment (formative and summative).
  • Digitally enhance a lesson from their own curriculum.
  • Identify safe, responsible best practices for student and teacher use of technology in educational settings.
  • Create a digital basecamp.

Professional development credit:

24 hours

Course length:

6 weeks

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Fall 2017 Sessions:

September 11 - October 22

October 23- December 3

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