Blended Learning Program Development, Coaching Support, and Professional Development

3 options available 

In-person, on-site


For 3 days of in-person, on-site support


For 4 days of in-person, on-site support


For 5 days of in-person, on-site support

This offering provides guidance, additional training, and insights for campuses and districts in different phases of implementing blended learning practices. Participants may be in the initial stages of developing a blended learning plan or looking for ways to expand and propel their current blended learning initiative forward.

The scope of the work will be developed with the district/campus from a menu of options.

*Course fees qualify for reimbursement by the Texas Education Agency upon completion.

Support May Include

  • Virtual collaboration
  • On-site facilitation of blended learning plan development
  • On-site training for blended learning coaches and/or teachers
  • Collaborative observations and feedback with blended learning coaches