Personalized Blended Learning

12 weeks | 20 CPE credits | 6 hours GT eligible

Personalized Blended Learning

Asynchronous with opportunities for virtual collaboration

$1,000 per participant*

New cohorts begin monthly.

Personalized Blended Learning revisits skills that have been explored throughout the UTeach Blended Learning series and provides ideas for enhanced implementation. Participants will experience personalized blended models, create their own examples, and capture implementation of the lessons in action.   

Prerequisite: Completion of the Foundations of Blended Learning course or evidence of implementation of blended learning/personalized learning practices

*Course fees qualify for reimbursement by the Texas Education Agency upon completion.

Personalized Blended Learning

Each participant chooses two of the three available modules. In each module, they create, capture, share, and reflect upon the  blended learning strategies applicable to that topic.

Each module contains three lessons. Checklists for each lesson help participants navigate their assignments. There are multiple opportunities for collaboration as well as mastery checks to assess learning. 

Module 1 — Integrating HQIM and Adaptive Learning Software (Playlist Model, 10 hours)

  • Research and define high-quality instructional materials (HQIM) and adaptive learning and identify which of these are currently being used in your school or district.

  • Through the use of a playlist, practice integrating HQIM and/or adaptive software programs into a blended learning model. 

  • Capture video evidence of HQIM and adaptive software programs embedded in blended learning models and share with online peers for feedback. 

Module 2 — Using Assessment, Data, and Feedback in Blended Learning Classrooms (Choice Board Model, 10 hours) 

  • Create a systematic approach to assessment and data-informed teaching to design and deliver instruction based on students’ specific learning needs, monitor student learning, and provide feedback to students. 

  • Interact with a choice board that includes Must Do, Should Do, and Aspire to Do learning activities to support using assessment, data, and feedback in blended learning classrooms.

  • Capture video evidence of the use of assessment, data, and feedback embedded in blended learning classrooms and share with online peers for feedback. 

Module 3 — Self-Paced Learning in Blended Classrooms (Personalized Learning Pathway Model, 10 hours)

  • Develop a plan to support self-paced learning in a blended environment where students are offered a variety of learning opportunities to master standards according to differentiated learning objectives dependent on students’ level of mastery and frequently receive individual feedback about their progress.

  • Interact with a sequence of learning activities embedded in a personalized learning pathway that guides educators in creating their own example of a personalized learning pathway 

  • Capture video evidence of self-paced learning activities in action and share with online peers for feedback 

Support Elements

Access to a success coach to monitor progress and answer questions

Personalized and prompt feedback on all work products

Online collaboration with highly skilled blended learning facilitators

Templates, checklists, exemplars, and other resources to guide the work of a blended learning teacher