Blended Learning Courses

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Blended learning combines online, technology-driven learning activities with teacher-led instruction to maximize a personalized learning experience. 

It can increase student learning, accountability, and achievement by fostering a personalized, highly productive environment full of engaged learners. UTeach offers a high-quality, research-based, online learning experience facilitated by expert educators. 

Our self-paced courses are for teachers of all grade levels, content areas, and experience with blended learning.

*Course fees qualify for reimbursement by the Texas Education Agency upon completion.

Be a Part of Our Community

When you take a UTeach PD Blended Learning course, you get access to an active community of others who have taken the courses. Along with this, course participants recieve access to: 

  • An active and collaborative Facebook group
  • Blended Learning Resource Library
  • Digital badges
  • Blended Learning Collaboratives
  • Group events and meetups to meet your colleagues (and some opportunities to get some swag!)

You will have access to this community forever.