UTeach Advanced Blended Learning

30 CPE and 6 G/T eligibleThe purpose of this advanced course is to discover how aspects of the T-TESS Domains and Dimensions evaluation tool can be applied to blended learning.  Furthermore, the course uses the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) 2017 Standards for Educators to challenge you to rethink traditional teaching approaches, promote collaboration with peers, and deepen knowledge of blended learning practices. This is a project-based course with a focus on personalized work products.

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The Texas Education Agency will reimburse Texas school districts and open enrollment charter schools (local education agencies) for UTeach Blended Learning professional development through August 2023. 

Prerequisite: Completion of Foundations of Blended Learning or evidence of robust implementation of blended learning.
Course length: 16 weeks
CPE hours: 30 hours

Module 1 Planning for a Blended Learning Environment (6 hours)

In this first module, you will create work products and lesson plans, use learning management systems to embed links and offer choice, use technology to assess students and guide personalized pathways, and explore and analyze student agency in a blended setting. Each assignment involves creating work products to support blended initiatives and reflecting on how these products will guide blended instruction and foster student ownership and personalization of learning.

  • Share a self-designed blended learning activity and reflect on the blended learning elements integrated into the activity.
  • Interact with a digital resource that models the use of technology to formatively assess understanding.
  • Interview students about their blended learning experiences.
  • Create a 5E differentiated lesson plan.

T-TESS Connection: Planning, Domain 1

Module 2 Implementing Blended Instruction (8 hours, GT credit eligible)

This module further guides you to explore essential elements of a flexible and personalized blended learning environment, supporting students with both voice and choice as they navigate learning.

You will implement innovative tools and lesson designs and facilitate multimodal options for students of disparate backgrounds, abilities, and learning styles. You will “learn by doing” as you create standards-based content using online resources for use in your blended classrooms.

  • Create an infographic detailing expectations for student achievement in a blended classroom.
  • Make an instructional video using a content creation tool.
  • Develop a survey to gather information from students and teachers regarding blended learning efforts.
  • Visit a blended learning classroom and determine the level of differentiation observed.
  • Conduct a self-regulation skills activity to determine strategies for monitoring and adjusting blended learning efforts.

T-TESS Connection: Instruction, Domain 2

Module 3 Supporting and Managing a Blended Learning Environment (8 hours)

This module challenges you to reflect on your initial forays into blended learning and evaluate your current methods to foster a positive classroom culture while supporting student learning in a well-managed blended setting.

The many reflective activities in this module offer you the opportunity to thoughtfully evaluate best practices and procedures to support student learning, allow for flexible instruction, and maintain focus and productivity in a seemingly chaotic blended setting. 

  • Reflect on the incorporation of blended learning routines and procedures.
  • Address blended learning FAQs and share responses with peers.
  • Interview a blended learning colleague and share findings using an online collaboration tool.

T-TESS Connection: Learning Environment, Domain 3

Module 4 Professional Practice and Responsibilities (8 hours)

Module 4 challenges participants to take on the role of leader.

You will reflect on your Blended Learning Action Plan from the Foundations of Blended Learning to identify areas of strength and map out ideas to better target personalization of learning and high student agency.

Using your perspective, experience, and knowledge gained from this and other exercises, you will become a leader in your organization, promoting blended practices by organizing teacher observations and developing videos to model these initiatives and share ideas for frameworks and resources. 

  • Reflect on implementation results of Blended Learning Action Plans.
  • Create and share videos highlighting blended learning efforts.
  • Share evidence to showcase blended learning expertise relating to the ISTE Educator Standards.
  • Observe blended learning classrooms and reflect on findings.

T-TESS Connection: Professional Practices and Responsibilities, Domain 4 

Showcase Presentation for Advanced Blended Learning

Each participant in Advanced Blended Learning is required to develop a presentation to share on Zoom.

  • Sessions are 5 minutes long, and you may collaborate with a colleague.
  • You control your presentation regarding format, tools, activities, etc.
  • Webinars will be after school, time TBD by the cohort.
  • Requirements for the 5-minute session:
    • Share how you have implemented the ISTE Standards for Educators in your blended setting.
    • Choose three standards to address throughout the showcase.
    • Display the supporting artifacts and discuss the implementation evidence for the chosen standards.
    • Conduct a discussion with the other participants regarding the artifacts and evidence presented.


ABL Showcase Videos Aligned to ISTE Standards

ABL Showcase Videos

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